the croissant story

A perfect croissant is crispy on the outside and the frail layers on the inside melt in your mouth immediately. It is airy and delicate, with a fantastic buttery scent. Its charm lies in its simplicity, tasting it is an experience in itself. Our goal is to share this passion with all our guests and show them a flawless croissant.

Freyja croissant

Based on the Scandinavian recipe, we make the croissant dough from our own flour, free of any artificial additives. In a surprising manner, we use natural sourdough, which breaks down proteins to make them more beneficial for people’s bodies and health. This process takes a lot of time, but it’s worth every minute to make the end result perfect. We use only natural ingredients and shape every croissant by hand, so the entire process of making croissants takes four days.


The perfect croissant is based on the best quality butter. After much experimentation, we chose Ellet & Vire French butter, which not only has the right fat content for croissants at 84%, is high quality and delicious, but is also available in sufficient quantities, as we use 200-250 kg of butter per week.

In our bakery, we always try to use seasonal fruits from Hungary, supporting local small producers. In addition to fresh fruit and homemade jams, we only use the world-famous Valrhona premium chocolates and Norohy fair trade vanilla and spices for our ganaches, creams, glazes and chantillys, as we aim to use the best ingredients.


Our bakery and central store with huge windows are located in the city center of Budapest, on Szövetség Street, where we have been serving our guests for almost every day of the year since 2019. In good weather, you can also enjoy the excellent puff pastries on the terrace with an Awaken Company specialty coffee or tea to match its quality and taste.

We opened our second store at the foot of the Buda mountains in a green environment under ancient trees with little chirping birds. It is a perfect location for breakfast for those who want to enjoy nature, and those with small children and dogs.